The Volunteer Radio Group (VRG), also known as the Diefenbunker Amateur Radio Club (DARC), is a loose knit group of Diefenbunker volunteers with a common interest in radio. Our activities are not limited to radio-type work and volunteers are encouraged to get involved in other Museum activities.

Volunteer time at the Museum is Tuesdays during the day (9:30 AM to 4:00 PM), weather permitting. We try to have radio volunteers on-site during the core hours of 10-12. However, volunteers set their own schedule and are not obligated to be at the Museum every Tuesday.

As a volunteer, you have access to the Museum any time the Museum is open. Museum hours are Wednesday to Sunday, 10 AM to 4 PM.

While you need to be a licensed amateur operator to operate VE3CWM you don’t need a radio license to help on the various projects, both radio and non-radio.

Radio Operations
If you are a licensed amateur radio operator (Ham), you are encouraged to get checked out on our equipment prior to operating the Museum’s station, VE3CWM.

While most of our operating is done during the Tuesday work sessions, licensed volunteers are encouraged to come to the Museum during visitor hours (10AM to 4PM, Wednesday to Sunday) to operate VE3CWM and chat with interested visitors.


VRG/DARC Members
Here is the current roster of the VRG/DARC in alphabetical order as of January 2021.

  • Hunter Bagby             VE3HVB
  • Tim Baily                     VE3TXB
  • Chris Bisaillion           VE3CBK
  • Robert Boyd                VE3BE
  • Thane Brown              VA3TTM
  • Ralph Cameron          VE3BBM
  • Fred Crowe                 VE3LAF
  • Gord Evans                 VE3ODT
  • Dave Green                VE3TLY
  • Reg Gilliford              VE3AWN
  • Gord Heath                VE3IRC
  • Brian Jeffrey              VE3UU
  • Erhan Kum                VA3KUM
  • John McGowan         VA3JYK
  • Mark Schacter          VE3BXG
  • Nick Shepherd          VE3OWV
  • Pat Stever                   VE3PZ

The VRG/DARC crew usually gets together for an eyeball QSO (and cookies) on Wednesdays where we maintain and operate the station as well as busy ourselves with other technical and non-technical projects.

Got Questions?
The following VRG/DARC members will be pleased to offer whatever assistance they can. Do not hesitate to ask.

Brian Jeffrey     Brian@VE3UU.com          (General VRG/DARC queries)
Nick Shepherd  VE3OWV@xplornet.ca      (Technical & operations queries)